To welcome change is to become Adaptive. Among surfing being a vibrant and exciting element of modern, local, national and international youth culture a new element of the sport is evolving.

All over the Globe numerous resilient adaptive athletes missing limbs, their vision or full use of their arms and legs have solitarily frequented able bodied surfing competitions for years doing whatever it takes to hit the water and progress themselves through to the next level.

Adaptive surfing as a competitive sport and now global network has provided that much needed and desired platform for impaired athletes to compete and perform at a high level increasing integral mobility, strength, health, fitness, cognitive skills and the complete and overall wellbeing of the athletes progressing themselves as high performance athletes capable of competition at an elite level. Through Athlete development, coaching, equipment support and inclusive community programs we aim to develop a high performance Adaptive Surfing platform that will facilitate the needs of the current and upcoming generations.